5 Reasons to Get Fired Up for the NCAA Tourney


Sixty-eight college basketball teams are about do battle in a one-and-done gauntlet of buzzer-beaters, Cinderella stories and instant classics. Let’s face it. Somewhere out there a point guard you never heard of, playing for a double-digit seed, will break your heart with a bank shot. But all is not lost. A wood-burning oven can be your refuge amidst the madness.

1. Burn off nervous energy
If you’re like us, the NCAA Tournament becomes an all-consuming marathon. You’ll have one eye on the games and the other on your brackets as nerve-racking drama unfolds non-stop. Rather than pace the floor in angst, gather maple, apple or cherry woods and build a fire in your oven chamber. The primal task will take you to a zen-like place that soothes the soul. And odds are it’ll bring you luck.

After shifting the fire to the back of the oven, channel your energy by sweeping the ashes (of your fire, not your brackets – hopefully) from the front of your hearth. Plan to cook something slowly, like wine-braised beef, to steadily unbundle your nerves as the games overlap. Need a recipe?

2. Log invaluable outdoor time
Many of us will be spending beautiful spring days indoors catching all the action. Firing up the outdoor oven is the perfect complement to a long day of hoops. It’s an opportunity to slow down, let off steam and alleviate the guilt of missing out on Mother Nature. Tending the fire doesn’t require constant supervision, just enough attention here and there to keep you in contact with fresh air and sunshine. You’ll need them to make it through to the next round.

3. Brackets are fickle; a brick oven is forever
As sure as night follows day, Southwest David State will take down Goliath University before the first weekend. Burning even the most seasoned bracketologist. At times like this, we at Chicago Brick Oven take solace in knowing that over 100 million people in Brazil have never heard of Southwest David State. And we’re proud to make a rock-solid oven you can safely depend on for year-round cooking. We source, engineer and make our ovens right here in the USA. Learn more about our high-performance ovens.You’ve got to believe some things are built to last. Especially when teenage ballers on your big screen have coughed up a 10-point lead with two minutes to go.

4. No matter the outcome, eat like a champion
Whether your picks are looking good or bad at the end of the day, if you’ve got a rolling flame and a rockin’ good meal heating up on the hearth, you’re ahead of the game! In fact, sharing a delicious wood-fired dinner with the family could be your one shining moment for the day. And it would be a day well spent.

5. Nobody will second-guess your game plan
Speaking of family, when you serve up culinary delights with dynamic flavors that are only possible from authentic, Old World-design wood-burning ovens, none of them can complain that you spent too much time watching basketball. Heck, they just might encourage you to make a habit of it. Cue the confetti drop, baby!

Good luck with your brackets!