Built right — right here at home.

When we started Chicago Brick Oven, the first decision we made was to design a traditional oven. So we built a Neapolitan-style oven that represents the pinnacle of the use and cultural impact of these great cooking instruments. Our second decision was to make our oven here in the U.S.A. Most wood-fired ovens and imitation wood-fired ovens on the market today are imported. While some are from the Old World, a majority are imported from China.

Our fusion of the tradition of wood-fired cooking and the technology of modern design and materials has created a high-performance cooking appliance for our climate and today’s outdoor lifestyle. We knew we would never have the least expensive oven, but it would always be the best.

Before you buy an oven, it helps to understand what makes wood-fired cooking…wood-fired cooking…and what makes an oven from Chicago Brick Oven the choice of professional chefs. At the core, the basic element of a wood-fired recipe and its unique flavor is the high, sustained heat from an in-chamber fire. Without an in-chamber fire, it’s not a true wood-fired oven and it is impossible to create the true wood-fired taste. At Chicago Brick Oven we:

  • Designed our oven’s dome shape, height and flue drafting to produce our unique FlameRoll™ from the in-chamber fire. Our FlameRoll™ is not only beautiful, but makes it possible to fire our oven to 1,000°
  • Use only a steel fiber-reinforced, fire-refractory formulation in our ovens
  • Form each oven individually to exacting standards with industry-leading thickness and consistency
  • Kiln dry each oven
  • Include a custom oven door and insulating boards as the base option for all of our manufactured ovens or oven kits


The result? A Chicago Brick Oven wood burning brick oven is a strong, single-piece dome unit that heats fast, creates unique food and installs as easily as it cooks. Our authentic design can give you what other brick ovens cannot — restaurant-quality radiant, convection and conductive heat for hours of cook time. Designed and built in the U.S.A., these ovens are ideal for all North American climates and are a low-maintenance, year round oven.

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Chicago Wood-Fired Brick Ovens

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