Pizza-making Stardom!

“Our CBO-750 wood burning brick oven is absolutely the draw of the neighborhood and my teenage sons. I never imagined the popularity. Outdoor rooms in Texas are big and mine beats everyone else’s!

Our oven’s now about three weeks old and I’ve made pizzas four times and calzones once. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It lights very fast and takes only about an hour to reach the temp for cooking. (I take advantage of the warm-up time to do some cooking; browning sausage for the pizza is a classic trick.) We also purchased a digital thermometer, which really helps you know where your temps are at. The oven cooks a pie in about two minutes and the view hole in the door lets me check what’s cooking without opening the door and losing heat. It uses very little wood; only about three small logs and a good handful of kindling. Impressive! And with so few pieces to deal with, installation was much easier than I expected.

Our family is big on cooking together, but this oven is like some kind of polar magnet. The kids especially love to prep the oven and even help cook. (The parents enjoy the vino and are keen to be served the pies. It’s become a weekend tradition.)

I should have done this so much sooner. I’ve been making pizzas for 10 years in the regular oven and on my grill, but this CBO oven has catapulted me to stardom! I purchased my oven and surround stone at Custom Stone Supply.”

Rich Totilo
Highland Village, Texas

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